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Onion Seeds

Growing Tips: Bunching onions can be directly sown outdoors in early spring, but bulb onions (storage and sweet Spanish types) are best started indoors in February and transplanted to the garden in April. For complete planting instructions, ask for our free Harris Seeds Home Gardening Guide when placing your order. The tall leaves of the bulb onion will begin to bend over when the bulb nears maturity. Before harvesting, carefully bend all leaves horizontal to the ground, expose the bulb and let it stay in the ground until the leaves turn brown. Lift bulbs out of ground, cut off leaves to 1-2" above bulb, and hang outside in mesh bags to dry for at least 7 days. To store, lay in ventilated boxes or mesh bags in a cool, dry area. Onions should store several months without loss of quality.

Fresh Market Grower Tips:
Depending on your region of the country, growers that sell at farmers’ markets have many choices. Bunching onions probably have the most marketing appeal when displayed at the market, and bulb onions have had their reputation built by grocery chains and grower associations. Growing sweet Spanish types locally and branding them as locally grown will have appeal to consumers.

Average Seed Count:
Bulb Onions: 450 per packet; 7,500 seeds/Oz.
Bunching Onions: 700 per packet; 12,500 seeds/Oz.

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Bunching Onion

Storage Onion

Sweet Spanish Onion


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