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Tomato Seeds

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Provide the best tomatoes at your roadside stand or farmers’ market. We offer many different types of tomatoes: large fruited hybrid tomatoes, cherry and grape tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, tomatoes for cooking, heirloom and open pollinated tomatoes, and even tomatoes for hanging baskets.

Growing tips: The “King” of the home garden, the tomato is grown by almost everyone who grows vegetables. Even those who do not have a vegetable garden will grow tomatoes, planting in containers or along a fence or in any sunny spot on a deck or patio. It is important to have a container that has a 5 gallon soil capacity for proper root development, and staking is most often necessary.

Fresh Market Grower Tips:
There are few species that say “locally grown produce” and “fresh picked quality” any louder than tomatoes in a pick-your-own, roadside or farmers’ market situation. We’re very proud to be able to offer you the wide assortment of types you see here that were bred specifically to help in your business.

As with peppers and eggplants, tomatoes are best started in a greenhouse and transplanted 2-3 weeks after the last average frost. With soil temperatures at 75° F., they germinate in 1-2 weeks. Another 4-5 weeks at that air temperature plus a few days of hardening at 60-65° F. prepares them for field setting. Tomatoes also prefer well-drained, fertile gravelly or sandy loams at pH 6.0-6.8. Black plastic mulch is beneficial in maintaining soil temperatures and moisture as well as controlling weeds.

Maturity Dates listed are from transplanting and are only a guide in comparing varieties.

Tomato Disease Code:
AL - Alternaria Stem Canker
F1 - Fusarium Wilt (race 1)
F2 - Fusarium Wilt (race 2)
Vt - Verticillium Wilt
TMV - Tobacco Mosaic Virus
St - Stemphylium (gray leaf spot)
RN - Root Knot Nematode Avg. Seed Count: 10,900/Oz.; 175,000/Lb.

Average Seed Count: 40 per packet; 600-800 per 1/16 Oz.; 10,900/Oz.; 175,000/Lb.

Tomato Plants
Late Blight Information from Cornell University

Cluster Tomato

Grape Tomato

Hanging Basket Tomato

Heirloom Tomato

Large Fruited Hybrid Tomato

Multi-Purpose Tomato

Open Pollinated Tomato


Small Fruited Tomato

Tomato Collections


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