FarMore® Technology - FI400 Seed Treatment
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FarMore Technology takes a different approach to pumpkin and squash seed protection using customized treatments to fit specific needs. It’s the first line of defense and protection against several key seed diseases, seeding diseases, and key insects.

Broad-Spectrum Disease Protection
FarMore Technology has proven performance in the field against:
• General damping-off and seed blight
• Fusarium spp.
• Pythium spp.
• Rhizoctonia spp. (incl. post emergence protection)

Excellent Insect Protection
Early-season insect protection can prevent or eliminate the possibility of diseases vectored by certain insects and FarMore provides excellent protection against Striped Cucumber Beetles in pumpkins and squash.

Performance and Convenience
• Early season protection against disease and Cucumber Beetles
• Broad-spectrum protection in variable environmental conditions
• Enhanced disease protection gets crops off to a healthy start to maximize yield and quality potential
• Treatment is delivered in the bag, on the seed for proper application and convenience

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