The sweet corn varieties that we offer with our Insect Guard seed treatment option are not genetically modified varieties. This is only a seed treatment option and does not protect the ear from the corn borer or earworm. These varieties are treated with Cruiser. The benefits of this treatment far outweigh its cost.

Benefits Include:
1. Protection from flea beetles up to the five true-leaf stage, which provides a reduction in damage from Stewart’s bacterial wilt.
2. Reduction in stand loss due to wireworm, seed corn maggot and other secondary pest damage.
3. Contact and systemic protection.
4. Ease of use – delivered to you, on the seed, in the bag. No chemical container disposal or special planter equipment required.

Please Note: For several years now we have offered many of our varieties with a choice of two different seed treatments. We have offered our standard seed treatment option and our Insect Guard seed treatment option. More and more growers now prefer the Insect Guard seed treatment option and because of this, we will only be offering the Insect Guard seed treatment option on our varieties from now on.

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