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Bouquet Sleeves and Cut Flower Supplies - Save 10%

Let customers see your blooms at their best! Floral bouquet sleeves protect cut flowers from breezes and market handling, and they offer a professional appearance. The increased bloom quality and polished look helps set your business apart from competitors at market so your profits bloom as brightly as your flowers. Choose from bouquet sleeves to fit a variety of sizes and market needs. Also save on select cut flower supplies like Cloth Wire and Stem Tape to build stunning flower arrangements.

Photo of Bouquet Sleeves,  XL, Bouquet Sleeves
Bouquet Sleeves, XL
Regular starting at $15.25
On Sale starting at $14.35 
Photo of Bouquet Sleeves, large, Bouquet Sleeves
Bouquet Sleeves, large
Regular starting at $15.25
On Sale starting at $13.45 
Photo of Bouquet Sleeves, medium, Bouquet Sleeves
Bouquet Sleeves, medium
Regular starting at $14.95
On Sale starting at $13.05 
Photo of 22 Gauge Cloth Covered Floral Wire, Cut Flower Supplies
Cut Flower Cloth Wire 22 Gauge
Regular starting at $13.95
On Sale starting at $12.55 
Photo of Florist Stem Tape, Floral Supplies
Cut Flower Florist Stem Tape
Regular starting at $4.25
On Sale starting at $3.80 


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