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February Specials

Cut Flower Staples - SAVE 15%!

Prepare for your 2016 Cut Flower Season and SAVE 15% this month! A few cut flower varieties that are considered staples in a well-rounded cut flower program need to be sown in greenhouses first, to allow them time to size up for transplanting outdoors once the weather allows. Ordering them in February will allow you to get started with some popular ‘early sow-early grow’ varieties, and enjoy some savings at the same time! Be sure to see our January 2016 Growers’ Newsletter for more details of each variety. Also, check out this great documentary from the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers that supports locally grown cut flowers!

Interested in plugs? See our Cut Flower Plug Special and save 5% in February!

Photo of Celosia Bombay Mix, Cut Flower Celosia
Celosia Bombay Mix
Regular starting at $11.35
On Sale starting at $9.65 
Photo of Celway Mix Celosia Flowers
Celosia Celway Mix
Regular starting at $9.10
On Sale starting at $7.75 
Photo of Dianthus Amazon Neon Duo F1 Pelleted, Dianthus
Dianthus Amazon Neon Duo F1
Regular starting at $8.10
On Sale starting at $6.90 
Photo of Dianthus Sweet Mix F1 Pelleted, Dianthus
Dianthus Sweet Mix F1
Regular starting at $12.50
On Sale starting at $10.65 
Photo of Gomphrena QIS Formula Mix, Gomphrena
Gomphrena QIS Formula Mix
Regular starting at $4.70
On Sale starting at $3.95 
Photo of Snapdragon Rocket Mix F1, Tall Snapdragons
Snapdragon Rocket Mix F1
Regular starting at $5.00
On Sale starting at $4.25 


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