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January Plug & Liner Specials

Join the Succulent Trend with This Popular Kit from Pleasant View Gardens!
Succulent planters are trending in the ornamentals marketplace across the country, and here is your opportunity to jump on the succulent band wagon. Order this succulent kit below in the month January and take a discounted price! These succulents are grown by Harris Seeds grower specialist Pleasant View Gardens, renowned for their top quality plant programs.

56972-32-52-903 Savvy Succulents Mixed & Mingled™ Assortment
• Sold as an assortment of 2 x 50 cell tray and 2 x 84 cell tray of assorted genera in the succulent family (total of 4 trays).
• 50 cell tray is composed of 10 rows of 5 different varieties each, resulting in up to 10 varieties per tray, or maximum of 20 different varieties; 84 cell tray is composed of 14 rows of 6 different varieties each, resulting in up to 14 varieties per tray, or maximum of 28 different varieties.
• Many varieties give you more flexible options for mixed containers.
Regular Price: $436.18.
Special Price: $407.05.
Save: $29.13 (6%+)

To order, call us at 800-544-7938.

Kwik Kombos™ - It's a party in a planter!
Kwik Kombos™ premium designer blends take the guesswork out of producing mixed baskets and containers. Each "plant and go" liner contains a mix of three Syngenta-bred varieties rooted in 17-cell (Barone program) and 36-cell (Raker program) strip trays. All rooted liners are pinched and pre-lit, allowing for a fast fill and quick finish. These stunning combinations will have your customers coming back for more. Start your party by ordering in January any of the Kwik Kombos listed below, grown by either Raker or Barone Gardens, and enjoy saving 7-8%! We’ve selected 5 new combinations and 5 best sellers to grow into top selling containers and baskets!

Cherry Blossom NEW!
Cranberry Bliss Mix NEW!
Lanai Red Devotion Mix NEW!
Sour Patch Mix NEW!
The Red Carpet Mix NEW!

Best Sellers!
Night in Pompeii
Grape Expectations
Callie Citrus Fire
Callie Color Wheel
Order Raker's 36 Cell Strip Trays
Order Barone's 17 Cell Strip Trays

Save on Gerbera and Pansy Plugs Grown by Raker
Take advantage of some special savings with selected varieties of Gerbera and Pansy plugs grown by Raker for ship weeks 5 through 18! Raker is offering discounts of up to 7% for 285 cell trays of select Pansy varieties and up to 23% savings for 128 cell trays of specific Gerbera varieties. Please contact our plug department for further details: 800-544-7938 x7002.

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The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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