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Seed Sprouting

Provide your family with deli­cious, nutritious, healthy treats at the dining table when you grow and harvest sprouts year round in your kitchen. The nutritional value of sprouts was discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Known for their unique quantities of phytochemicals with nutritional properties, sprouts are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and enzymes. Fresh sprouts play an important role in a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. At Harris Seeds we are committed to providing a wide variety of the highest quality seeds for sprouting.

Get Started Sprouting:

Growing and harvesting sprouts year round in your kitchen is as easy as it gets. Harris Seeds offers sprout seeds and sprouting supplies that are perfect for experienced gardeners or those new to sprouting. To get started sprouting you need sprout seeds, a sprouter or Mason jar sprouting lid, some water and a warm space to place the seeds.

Getting Started with Sprouts Collection
Getting Started with Sprouts Collection

Mason Jar Sprouting Lid
Mason Jar Sprouting Lid

Four Tray Sprouter
Four Tray Sprouter

Seeds for Sprouting:

Sprouts are a reliable, year-round source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and many B vitamins. They are known help to preserve your body’s enzymes and remove anti-nutrients or enzyme inhibitors, aiding in digestion and sparing your natural enzymes. In many cases, people who are unable to eat un-sprouted wheat have no problem consuming sprouted wheat.

For example, a sprouted mung bean has the carbohydrate content of a melon, the vitamin A of a lemon, the thiamin of an avocado, the riboflavin of a dried apple, the niacin of a banana and the ascorbic acid of a loganberry.

Each sprout seed variety selected has its own unique flavor and nutritional benefits.
Photo of Alfalfa Sprouts, Growing Sprouts
Alfalfa Sprouts

Photo of Broccoli Sprouts, Growing Sprouts
Broccoli Sprouts

Photo of Mung Bean Sprouts, Growing Sprouts
Mung Bean Sprouts

Why Choose Harris Seeds for Sprouting Seeds:

Harris Seeds has carefully selected a supplier with the highest standards for optimum germination and safety. The sprout supplier, SunGarden Sprouts, has a certified in-house laboratory that ensures all sprout seeds passing through their door are thoroughly tested to be free of human or plant based pathogens. These high-quality sprouting seeds are carefully packaged to provide sprouts lovers the best quality available. The SunGarden Sprouts' facility is the only known sprouting seed facility that tests for good germination and prints the results on every package. Good sprout germination is just as important on the counter-top as it is in the garden.

Safely Sprout Your Seeds:

Following the specific guidelines below for safe sprout handling, growing, and serving ensures the highest quality sprouts for your family, free of any pathogens.

  1. Sanitation is very important when sprouting seeds. Clean your sprouter or Mason jar before each use.
  2. Place 1 – 2 tablespoons of seeds in your sprouting jar or tray. For jar sprouting add a few inches of water and replace lid. Swirl sprout seeds for approximately 30-45 seconds then drain water. For tray sprouters, carefully run the tray under running water to rinse the seeds.
  3. For jar sprouters completely cover the sprout seeds with approximately 2-3 inches of warm water. Place the Mason jar lid or tray top on the sprouter and let this sit overnight on the counter top. Room temperature works fine for growing sprouts. If you are using a tray sprouter complete sprouting with instructions provided with your tray sprouter.
  4. Some varieties, such as mung bean, have flavor improved by blanching. Blanching is simply a process when you cover the sprouts with a cloth or towel to prevent light from greening up the sprouts as they grow. Blanched sprouts will have white-ish appearance, free of greening caused by light. We suggest experimenting with different varieties.
  5. Drain the water the very next day and remove the top. Rinse the sprout seeds thoroughly by adding new water and swirling the water and seeds for several seconds. Replace the sprouter top and drain this water and repeat the process. After rinsing for the sprout seeds for a second time do not add additional water. This seed cleaning process is critical for tasty, healthy sprouts.
  6. Repeat the process above twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, until your sprouts have reached their desired size. As a rule, sprouts seeds generally start to grow within 3 to 7 days, depending on the sprout variety.
  7. Store mature sprouts in a bowl or plastic storage bag and add a paper towel in the bottom to absorb excess moisture. It is highly recommended to consume your sprouts within 5 to 7 days to realize best quality and health benefits.


Harris Seeds began operation in 1879 from the efforts of Joseph Harris, who was successful in selecting only the highest quality vegetables and grains. The company gained popularity because of his basic business philosophy: "Offer customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return." READ MORE



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