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Varieties from the Hot to the Hottest

Capsaicin is the component found in peppers that makes them hot. To measure heat in a hot pepper, a
Scoville unit rating chart is applied. A Scoville rating of 100 to 200 would be the very lowest, and these peppers are mildly hot. The very hottest peppers have a rating of well above 100,000, with the very hottest rated over 1,000,000. This pepper is virtually impossible to eat.

Peppers in this category are in order of least hot to hottest.

Photo of Pepper Senorita F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Senorita F1

Pepper Cajun Belle F1
Pepper Cajun Belle F1

Photo of Pepper Mariachi F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Mariachi F1

Photo of Pepper Holy Mole F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Holy Mole F1

Photo of Pepper Chile G76 F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Chile G76 F1

Photo of Pepper Tiburon F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Tiburon F1

Photo of Sequoia Hot Peppers, Specialty Hot Peppers
Pepper Sequoia F1

Photo of Sequoia Hot Peppers Grow Using Untreated Seeds, Specialty Hot Peppers
Pepper Sequoia F1 Untreated

Photo of Capulin F1 Pepper, Hot Pepper
Pepper Capulin F1

Photo of Pepper Hot Portugal, Hot Pepper
Pepper Hot Portugal

Photo of Pepper Stoked F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Stoked F1

Photo of Pepper Hungarian Wax, Hot Pepper
Pepper Hungarian Wax

Photo of Mesilla Hot Peppers, Cayenne Hot Peppers
Pepper Mesilla F1

Photo of Cayennetta Peppers, Hot Peppers
Pepper Cayennetta F1 Untreated

Photo of Pepper Cayenne Long Slim, Hot Pepper
Pepper Cayenne Long Slim

Photo of Pepper Cayenne Large Thick, Hot Pepper
Pepper Cayenne Large Thick

Photo of Pepper Large Red Cherry Hot, Hot Pepper
Pepper Large Red Cherry Hot

Photo of Large Red Cherry Hot Pepper Grown Using Untreated Seeds, Hot Pepper
Pepper Large Red Cherry Hot Untreated

Photo of Pepper Jalapeno M, Hot Pepper
Pepper Jalapeno M

Photo of Sureño Hot Peppers, Specialty Chile Peppers
Pepper Sureno F1

Photo of Pepper Telica F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Telica F1

Photo of Suribachi Hot Peppers, Hot Peppers
Pepper Suribachi F1

Photo of Pepper Mucho Nacho F1, Hot Pepper
Pepper Mucho Nacho F1

Photo of Pepper Thai Hot, Hot Pepper
Pepper Thai Hot

Photo of Pepper Thai Hot Untreated, Hot Pepper
Pepper Thai Hot Untreated

Photo of Chocolate Habanero Hot Peppers, Specialty Hot Peppers
Pepper Chocolate Habanero

Photo of Pepper Habanero, Hot Pepper
Pepper Habanero

Photo of Organic Habanero Pepper, Hot Pepper
Pepper Habanero Organic

Photo of Red Habanero Peppers, Specialty Chile Peppers
Pepper Red Habanero


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