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Apple Peeler



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Peel, core, and slice apples with the turn of a crank! Turn this fall's apples into luscious baked goods and applesauce with this sturdy spiral apple peeler. Simply slide whole apple onto stainless fork and turn the crank. Machine peels and spiral cuts apples in one smooth pass. Then slice "corkscrew-cut" apples into pieces for pies, crisp, or applesauce with just four passes of a paring knife. Apple processing becomes quick and efficient, for a few apples or many bushels.

Kids love turning the apple peeler's crank, watching the extra-long apple peel slide off, and eating the "apple twists" as a snack. Durable cast iron and chrome machine is also great for peeling and slicing potatoes! Peeler is held in place by strong, quick-release suction base, and the blade can be removed to peel without slicing and coring. Instructions and recipes included.


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