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Square Raised Garden Kit



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Build a sturdy raised bed garden without tools or hassle! Start raising crops in a sturdy, deep raised bed this season, without handling power tools, heavy materials, or a roto-tiller. With this convenient kit, you can build a raised bed on your lawn or in your existing garden plot. Simply join the durable, eco-friendly, 6" wide boards with the included corner joints, and secure them by following the no-tools-required instructions. For a 12" deep bed - great for carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes - stack 2 kits using the included extension joints. The resulting raised garden is 42-1/2" square, small enough for an easy reach to the middle of the bed but large enough to accommodate many plants. Square shape lends itself to planting in rows or grid patterns; lay out several beds with paths in between for a larger raised bed garden. Boards are made of recycled wood flour and UV resistant, weather resistant composites. Kit includes 4 side boards, 4 corner joints, 2 extension joints, 6 connector dowels, 6 ground spikes, 12 thumb screws, and instructions.

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