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SPIN-Farming® makes agriculture accessible to anyone, anywhere! SPIN stands for Small Plot INtensive farming, and it fits in the front lawn, backyard, or back forty. These practical guides are based on the experiences of actual urban, suburban, and rural farms and designed to help your small-scale farm succeed.

Spin Farming Book Combo - Receive one copy of each Spin Farming Basics and Spin Farming 2.0. Save $45.90 with this money saving offer.

SPIN-Farming® Basics contains step-by-step guides to the sub-acre production system that makes it possible to earn $50,000+ gross from a half-acre. It provides everything you need to optimize your operation: a business concept, farm design, investments, equipment, detailed day-to-day workflow, crop selection, marketing advice and revenue benchmarks. While other books address growing, marketing and business, SPIN-Farming® Basics ties them together in an easy-to-understand, ready-to-implement system that keeps you focused on, and in control of, what matters most to your success.

Once you have mastered the basics of sub-acre farming, take your operation to the next level with SPIN-Farming 2.0: Production Planning & Crop Profiles. Expand your business model, production scale, and income with advanced growing concepts and financial benchmarks. Building on what you already know about the SPIN system, this book offers a new lexicon that makes it easier for you to think about and plan your production on a commercial scale. It also contains first-of-its-kind crop profiles on 40 classic SPIN crops to help you configure beds, segments and walkways, calculate seed needs, project yields, set individual crop pricing, and target both revenue and expenses.


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