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Photo of 48 in. x 100 ft. SRM Olive Plastic Mulch, Gardening Supplies

SRM Olive Plastic Mulch 4' x 100'



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48" X 100' Translucent brown color; embossed. Strong; can apply by hand or by mulch-laying machine. Produces higher soil temperatures than opaque mulch, combined with weed control.

IRT-100 Plastic Mulch offers the combined benefits of a clear mulch with those of an opaque (black) mulch. Because it's translucent, it allows for the passage of infrared radiation, which elevates the soil temperature under the mulch, comparable to clear plastic. Like black (opaque) plastic, it blocks radiation from the part of the solar spectrum that promotes weed growth. For maximum weed control, it is recommended that IRT-100 mulch be laid soon after tilling the soil. IRT-100 mulch is used for any crops where clear or black plastic mulches have been used in the past.


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