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Photo of Ride the Wave Petunia Plant Collection, Flower Plants

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Petunia Ride the Wave Collection (15 plants)

15 Count - Not Available

SKU: 06473-36-50

Vibrant and versatile Wave Petunias!

In the eyes of petunia lovers, Wave petunias are not just any petunias. Since they burst onto the garden scene over a decade ago, they’ve offered cascades of lively color and performance reliability. Gardeners ask for them by name, and their well-deserved wave of popularity just makes them a mainstay. Bring the force of these color-splashed Waves to your garden with our 15 plant Ride the Wave Collection. You’ll receive 3 plants each of 5 popular, performance-proven Wave varieties. Let them spill from hanging baskets and patio pots, or create a vibrant blanket of color in your garden beds.

Choose the Ride the Wave Collection to enjoy varieties from both the Wave and the Easy Wave series! Receive three plants each of the following (pictured clockwise from upper left):Easy Wave Blue, Easy Wave Coral Reef, Wave Purple, Easy Wave White and Easy Wave Red (pictured middle).

Easy Wave Blue – Vibrant deep blue color that stands out. (Height: 6-12", 30-39" spread)
Easy Wave Coral Reef – Outstanding performance in deep coral with small white throat. (Height: 6-12", 30-39" spread)
Wave Purple – Market leading variety stands out with an iridescent magenta color (Height: 5-7", 36-48" spread)
Easy Wave White – Pure white blooms are a great option as filler in mixed containers. (Height: 6-12", 30-39" spread)
Easy Wave Red – Dark red blossoms maturing to a soft red offers a lovely look. (Height: 6-12", 30-39" spread)

Recommended Container Size and Garden Spacing:
For more Wave ideas, inspiration, and details, join the Wave Rave!
6” pots: 1 to 3 plants per pot
10” baskets: 3 to 4 plants per basket
Garden Spacing: 10 to 15”


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