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Easy Wave Patriot Spreading Petunia Plant Collection, Petunia Plants

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Petunia Easy Wave Patriot Collection (9 plants)

9 Count - Not Available

SKU: 22620-36-50

Red, White & Blue Collection!

Wave your banner high with the Patriot Collection of Easy Wave spreading petunias! This series offers a controlled mounded yet nicely spreading habit. In containers and baskets, they fill upward for a lush appearance and then spill over for a graceful finish. In the landscape, they create spreading mounds of gorgeous color.

Combine the colors for a fireworks-inspired mixed container, or make a bold display of 3 single color pots. Either way you’ll honor our country’s spirit of independence and freedom! Collection consists of 3 each of Easy Wave Blue, Easy Wave Red, and Easy Wave White.

Easy Wave Blue – Vibrant deep blue color that stands out.• Easy Wave Red – Dark red blossoms maturing to a soft red offers a lovely look.• Easy Wave White – Pure white blooms are a great option as filler in mixed containers.

Easy Wave Petunia (Height: 6-12", 30-39" spread)

Recommended Container Size & Garden Spacing:
For more Wave ideas, inspiration, and details, join the Wave Rave!
6” pots: 1 to 3 plants per pot
10” baskets: 3 to 4 plants per basket
Garden Spacing: 10 to 15”

Easy Wave Patriot Petunia Plant Collection arrive ready for hardening off and planting, with roots and soil wrapped in a biodegradable net. Plants are shipped directly to you, starting on the ship date designated for your location.

Order the Easy Wave Patriot Collection to enjoy 9 plants including 3 of 3 colors.


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