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Flora Flow All-In-One Mat 50'



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Keep your plants watered and weed free! Growers have known for years that drip irrigation and plastic mulch make a winning combination when it comes to saving labor, conserving water, and increasing yield in their crops. Flora Flow Plastic All-In-One mat has now brought this technology to the home garden.

This time saving plastic mulch can be quickly applied as the drip line has been bonded to the mulch. Simply roll out the 4' wide mulch, cut it to length, and cover the edges with soil. Then use the drip irrigation connectors (sold separately) to join the pressure regulator, tees, and water supply lines. Lastly, attach your standard hose end to water up to 100' of garden beds with ease.

The drip tubing places water directly at your plants' root zone for efficient water use. The mulch reduces evaporation from the soil, so you'll need to water less frequently. By warming the soil, the black plastic mulch encourages faster plant growth and allows earlier vegetable harvests. It also controls weeds without hand labor or chemicals, making your garden both greener and easier to manage.

All mats have warning strips to indicate where the drip tape is adhered and mats are perforated and have 2.5" diameter hole perforations every 6". You can remove or leave the holes in place to vary plant spacing in 6" increments. Mulch is available in red (great for tomatoes) and black mulch.

The connector kit includes pressure regulator and attachments. Add a Bed Kit allows you to add additional beds and cut mats to length. Both items sold separately


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