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Potato Norkotah (15 x 3lb bags)

15 Count - Not Available

SKU: 11390-38-58

Ideal for baking!
This versatile, flavorful potato is a natural for the home garden. The attractive tubers are a long, smooth, shallow-eyed, and russet-skinned, for a classic appearance and easy peeling. Norkotah Russets are widely used for baking, French fries, casseroles, soups, and many other dishes. This relatively new variety has become popular, and its adaptability to many growing areas has helped to provide a year-round supply of freshly harvested potatoes. Norkotah bears a high percentage of large, U.S. No. 1 tubers on medium sized, slightly upright plants. These early to medium maturity potatoes will last through the winter with their 7-9 month storage life.

Each bag contains 3 lbs or approximately 15- 20 seed potatoes.

Not available for shipping to ID and MT.
Potatoes start shipping mid-late March.


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