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Broccoli Packman F1 (51 Plants)

51 tray - Not Available
This item will be not be shipped directly from Harris Seeds.

SKU: 00234-22-50

This hybrid broccoli is one you should try in your garden. Packman broccoli can be used as a spring or fall crop and produces vigorous, uniform large heads of good dark green color. Side shoots develop smaller spears after the center head is cut. We have been quite impressed with Packman’s consistent performance in our trials, and we think you will be, also.

Cell size is 1.5" deep x 1.19" diameter, large enough to plant directly into pots, containers, or the field after hardening off.

Lead time for 2014 51 Strip Fall Vegetable Plant Program is 6 weeks. These products are custom sown for you!

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51 Strip Fall Vegetable Plant Listing


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