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Photo of Verbena Quartz XP Mix, Verbena

Verbena Quartz XP Mix



SKU: 03602-10-02

Mixture of XP varieties.

The Quartz XP series is a selection of Quartz genetics that combine into a more well-matched series that benefits both grower and gardener alike. It includes the core, top-selling varieties that have been selected for consistent early flowering and a tight 6-7 day blooming window, which is up to a week earlier than the original Quartz varieties. Plants also branch earlier and have shorter internodes, translating to a bushier habit that supports the large, colorful flowers. Consumers can expect the same strong garden performance they’ve come to expect from Quartz Verbena. Like its market leading predecessor, the Quartz XP series is guaranteed to perform. Height: 10 to 12", 12 to 14" spread.

Supplied as raw untreated seed.

Size Quantity Price Each
250 Seeds 1 at $7.40
250 Seeds 2 to 3 $7.05
250 Seeds 4 or more $6.70


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