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Photo of Watermelon Millionaire Seedless F1, Seedless Watermelon

Watermelon Millionaire Seedless F1



SKU: 00591-00-01

High yielding, excellent shipper. 90 Days. Millionaire has been the standard by which all other seedless watermelons have been judged for years. It has been the preferred seedless of choice by growers looking for high yields and shipping ability. The blocky-shaped, 18-22 lb. fruit have dark green stripes on a light green background. The rind is thick and the flesh is dark pink, solid and firm. Millionaire boasts high yields, great quality and is seldom plagued by hollow hearts. Intermediate resistance to Anthracnose and Fusarium Wilt (0,1).

Supplied as treated seed.

To order this variety: Print and fill out the following forms and mail or fax it back to us within 30 days. Shipments cannot be made until we receive your forms.

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