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Photo of Plastic Mulch 4 X 600 SRM Silver, Silver Plastic Mulch

Plastic Mulch 4 X 600 Metallic

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Unique alternative to certain pesticides.
Shown in university trials to reduce certain insect populations.
Reflective character disorients certain insects.

Metallic mulch has provided important benefits in actual tests. For example, reduction of virus-vectoring aphids in cucurbits (melons, squash and cukes), decreased viral infection, thus increasing the percentage of marketable fruit. A tomato test included reduction of silverleaf whiteflies populations, decreasing incidence of tomato mottle virus. The theory is that the metallic color of this mulch seems to confuse certain insects, possibly related to the light reflection disorienting them. It is recommended that the metallic mulch be used on a trial basis, comparing it to crop performance on black plastic.

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