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Photo of Plastic Mulch 4 X 30 Red, Red Plastic Mulch

Red Plastic Mulch 4' x 30'



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For early season (only) tomato growing. Has been shown effective in Northern areas.

This bright red, embossed 1.0 mil. plastic mulch has been shown (in USDA tests) to increase production of first quality early tomatoes from 12 to 20%, relative to that of black mulch, in the cooler, Northern areas of the country. (SRM-Red mulch is not recommended for use in warmer, Southern areas, as no additional production increases has been shown in tests.) This dramatic increase has resulted from the film reflecting far-red light up into the plant. A color sensitive protein within the tomato plant that regulates plant growth and development is triggered during the reflecting period. We recommend that you use this mulch on a trial basis. STRAWBERRY GROWERS: New research has shown SRM Red Mulch to provide an increase in the yield of strawberries. If you grow strawberries, give it a try.


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