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Drip Irrigation Kit



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Drip irrigation kit for smaller acreage farms. An all-inclusive kit for 1/4 to 1/2 acre, depending upon configuration.

For the grower needing to irrigate a small area, this system is ideal, as it includes all components for operation. The 250' of 1" header pipe and 3000' of drip tube (high quality T-Tape brand), punched at 12" increments make for a highly configurable system (You cut the header and drip tube to your specified lengths). The maximum length that each drip line should be cut, is 550', for best water distribution. Drip irrigation sends a uniform distribution of water directly to the root zone of plants, avoiding waste and runoff. A system such as this tends to use up to 50% less water than conventional systems, and minimizes such negatives as soil compaction, erosion and weed growth. Its use also tends to minimize leaf burn, and fungal diseases.
View our Drip Irrigation Brochure which includes configurations for the field.

Components include: (1)-Roll" x 250' Flat tube Header/ Main Line; (1)-Roll 10 mil. X 3000' T-Tape Drip Line; (1)-1" pressure Regulator with 1" Adapter (garden hose inlet); (1)-1" Screen Filter with Adapter and clamp; (1)-1" End Plug for Head Line with clamp; (1)-Pressure Gauge with Stake; (50)-Drip Line Connectors with Shut-Off Valve; (1)-Hole Punch for Head Line; (50)-Drip Line End Sleeves; (10)-Drip Line Repair couplers.
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