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Herb Seed

Growing Tips: Herbs make an excellent addition to any outdoor garden or patio planter but can also be enjoyed throughout the winter months by harvesting from a windowsill garden. Harris Seeds offers seed of the most popular species of culinary and ornamental herbs. You will find planting instructions on each packet of seed.

Fresh Market Grower Tips:
As consumers become more accustomed to cooking with fresh herbs, new marketing possibilities are opening for direct market growers. Offer bunches of fresh basil alongside tomatoes, or pair dill with cucumbers or new potatoes. Provide simple recipes and storage tips, especially for less common herbs, to help customers feel more comfortable taking fresh herbs home. Most freshly cut herbs thrive when kept refrigerated and in water, like cut flowers. Basil, however, should be kept at room temperature. Maintain adequate moisture around leaves to prevent wilting; small plastic clam-shell containers or plastic bags work nicely.

Check out our live herb transplants.

Untreated and Organic varieties are identified with or .
Further information on seed type is provided on each variety page.

Photo of Arugula Astro, Greens
Arugula Astro

Photo of Arugula Astro Organic, Herbs
Arugula Astro Organic

Photo of Arugula Rocket, Greens
Arugula Roquette

Photo of Basil Caesar, HERBS
Basil Caesar

Basil Italian Large Leaf Organic
Basil Italian Large Leaf Organic

Basil Pluto
Basil Pluto

Photo of Basil Purple Ruffles, HERBS
Basil Purple Ruffles

Photo of Basil Red Ruby, HERBS
Basil Red Ruby

Photo of Basil Siam Queen, HERBS
Basil Siam Queen

Photo of Basil Sweet Dani, HERBS
Basil Sweet Dani

Photo of Basil Genova, HERBS
Basil Sweet Genova

Photo of Catnip Nepeta, HERBS
Catnip Nepeta

Photo of Garlic Chives, Growing Garlic
Chives Garlic

Photo of Chives Green, HERBS
Chives Green

Photo of Cilantro Santo, Greens
Cilantro Santo

Photo of Organic Santo Cilantro
Cilantro Santo Organic

Photo of Santo Cilantro grown using Untreated Cilantro Seeds
Cilantro Santo Untreated

Photo of Coriander Leisure, HERBS
Coriander Leisure

Photo of Dill Bouquet, HERBS
Dill Bouquet

Photo of Dill Bouquet Organic, Herbs
Dill Bouquet Organic

Photo of Dill Dukat, HERBS
Dill Dukat

Photo of Dill Fernleaf, HERBS
Dill Fernleaf

Dill Hera Organic
Dill Hera Organic

Photo of Kitchen Herb Collection, HERBS
Kitchen Herb Collection

Lavender Mini Blue
Lavender Mini Blue

Photo of Lavender Vera, HERBS
Lavender Vera

Photo of Balm Lemon, HERBS
Lemon Balm

Photo of Marjoram Sweet, HERBS
Marjoram Sweet

Photo of Oregano Vulgare, HERBS
Oregano Vulgare

Photo of Parsley Banquet, HERBS
Parsley Banquet

Photo of Parsley Banquet Untreated, HERBS
Parsley Banquet Untreated

Photo of Parsley Forest Green, HERBS
Parsley Forest Green

Parsley Krausa Organic
Parsley Krausa Organic

Parsley Peione Organic
Parsley Peione Organic

Photo of Parsley Plain Italian Dark Green, HERBS
Parsley Plain Italian Dark Green

Photo of Parsley Plain Italian Dark Green Untreated, HERBS
Parsley Plain Italian Dark Green Untreated


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