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C. medium
22.7M seeds/oz.
Sizes: Packs for cuts, 4"- gallons
Germination: Cover seed lightly; 65-68°F; 15-18 days
Approximate Finish: 19-22 weeks.

There are numerous species of campanula, but in this case, we are referring to the C. medium or Scottish Bells. In a native state C. medium is generally a biennial, where the plants are produced the first year, but will flower the second year after the plant has been vernalized. Once it flowers, the plant dies. But with the newer breeding that’s been going on, many varieties of C. medium have been bred to bloom the first year. This type of breeding improvement is useful for both growers who want to produce their plants and sell them in a single season, and for gardeners, who wish to start their campanula seeds indoors, then transplant them outdoors and enjoy their beauty that same year.

Campanula Champion Pro Deep Blue F1
Campanula Champion Pro Deep Blue F1

Campanula Champion Pro Pink F1
Campanula Champion Pro Pink F1

Campanula Champion Pro White F1
Campanula Champion Pro White F1


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