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Hybrid Vinca

These varieties demonstrate the benefits of hybridization in this latest wave of vinca breeding. Numerous large flowers, superior plant performance, improved disease tolerance and a higher germination standard translate into more attractive, productive and saleable plants.

Photo of Cora Deep Lavender F1 Vinca, Upright Vincas
Vinca Cora Deep Lavender F1

Photo of Vinca Cora Mix, Hybrid Vinca
Vinca Cora Mix F1

Photo of Cora Pink F1 Vinca,  Upright Vincas
Vinca Cora Pink F1

Photo of Cora Red F1 Vinca,  Upright Vincas
Vinca Cora Red F1

Photo of Cora White F1 Vinca, Upright Vincas
Vinca Cora White F1

Photo of  Solar Mix Upright Hybrid Vinca, Vincas
Vinca Solar Mix F1

Photo of Titan Mix Vinca,  Vincas
Vinca Titan Mix F1


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