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Germination: Cover seed lightly; 68-72°F; 12-20 days
Sizes: Packs, Premium Packs; 4-10” pots
Approx. finish: 18-18 weeks

Delphiniums are a wonderful perennial that produce tall, stately flower spikes in a range of colors from white to blue to pink or rose. They are worth the effort to grow because they are so beautiful, and are treasured by both home gardeners and professional cut flower growers. Delphiniums are hardy perennials, but do not care much for severely hot summers. Plants will flower first year from sowing, and will bloom in early to mid summer. They are also known to produce a second set of flower spikes later in the season if the first set is cut soon after blooming.

Cut flower growers can space these plants quite closely (4-6” apart), and it is recommended that some type of support be given to the flower spikes (staking or netting) so that they do not bend over or break under high winds. Note the Delphiniums are considered a short-lived perennial and will need to be replaced after 2-3 seasons.

Photo of Aurora Mix F1 Delphinium Flowers
Delphinium Aurora Mix F1

Photo of Delphinium Guardian Mix F1, Delphinium
Delphinium Guardian Mix F1

Photo of Delphinium Magic Fountain Mix, Delphinium
Delphinium Magic Fountains Mix

Photo of Favorite Perennial Flower Collection, Favorite Perennial Flowers
Favorite Perennial Seed Collection


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