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Supersweet Standard Yellows

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Standard Supersweets have a shrunken (sh2) gene. This gene raises the original levels of complex sugars and extends their flavor by slowing the conversion to simple sugars and finally to starch. Moisture is also retained longer in this type and their shelf life is remarkably long. The kernel texture of this type is noticeably crunchier and firmer than the other genetic types. Growers should wait for ideal soil conditions (soil temperatures of at least 60-65° F. and moist but not saturated soil) before planting. This class will also germinate better if not planted too deep. Depth should be determined by soil moisture level in the field. All supersweet corns can be planted with other supersweet corns, but should be isolated from all other genetic types to ensure their eating quality. “Isolation” as used above can either mean at least 250 ft. apart, separated by an effective wind break, or 10 to 14 days difference in maturity because corn is wind pollinated.

Photo of Sweet Corn Illini Xtra-Sweet F1 Insect Guard, Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn Illini Xtra-Sweet F1 Insect Guard

Photo of Northern Xtra-Sweet F1 Insect Guard Sweet Corn, Supersweet Standard Yellow Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn Northern Xtra-Sweet F1 (Yellow) Insect Guard

Photo of Sweet Corn Supersweet Pkt Collection, Sweet Corn Collections
Sweet Corn Supersweet Packet Collection


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