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Ramblin' Series F1

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This free flowering hybrid on mounded 8” plants, will spread to 2 1/2', creating eye-catching full baskets and containers. Earlier flowering and slightly more compact than some of the other spreading varieties, the Ramblin’s should be easier to contain on the growing bench, and produce a very saleable 4” (or greater) crop.

For germination, the seed may be lightly covered with vermiculite, however do not exclude light. The Ramblin' Series uses less growth regulators compared to the Waves. This series needs long days for flower production. Extend the daylength to 14 hours with supplemental lighting at 450 to 700 FC. Produce under high light conditions, and provide wet/ dry watering cycles. Growth Regulators: Responsive to B-Nine at 3500 PPM, as needed. Also responsive to Bonzi and Sumagic. Fertilization: Requires higher levels than non-spreading types, thus, apply 150-200 PPM N in a balanced fertilizer.

Petunia Ramblin Amethyst F1
Petunia Ramblin Amethyst F1

Photo of Petunia Ramblin' Burgundy Chrome F1 Pelleted, Ramblin Series F1
Petunia Ramblin' Burgundy Chrome F1

Photo of Ramblin' Sugar Plum Petunias, Petunias
Petunia Ramblin' Sugar Plum F1


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