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Dianthus, Double Flowering

Germination: 70° F; 7-9 days; Avoid high temperatures when growing on to reduce stretching.
Sizes: Packs; Premium Packs; 4-6” pots.
Approx. finish: 10-14 weeks.

There are a number of different double flowering dianthus species and now through modern day breeding efforts, there are a number of different types of flower forms. All are well regarded for their burst of early spring color that lend a nice touch to both garden beds and container plants. Dwarf types are suitable for gardens, while taller types make excellent cut flowers for both professional growers and home gardeners.

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Photo of Dianthus Dynasty Mix F1 Pelleted, Dynasty Series
Dianthus Dynasty Mix F1

Photo of Dianthus Grace Crimson F1, Grace Series
Dianthus Grace Crimson F1

Photo of Dianthus Grace White F1, Grace Series
Dianthus Grace White F1


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