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Zahara Series

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Zinnia Zahara varieties offer larger flowers compared to the Profusion Series (approx. 20%) and more colors, such as the AAS award winning Starlight Rose. Mid-height plants are well branched with an equal spread and are heat, drought and disease tolerant. The full, bushy plants of Zahara varieties are covered with vibrant flowers that make a marvelous statement in annual gardens and in containers throughout the summer. Height: 12-18", 12-18" spread.

The Zahara Double garden zinnia varieties have gained market traction due to their flower power and excellent outdoor performance. Two are All America Selections winners and with good reason. In our trials we observed the same larger flower size as the Zahara singles (about 2 1/2") when compared with the Profusion double flowered varieties. The highly basal-branching plants create a beautiful symmetrical plant habit that is completely covered first with buds, then with consistently double, vibrant colored flowers that are equally symmetrical. The overall effect is amazing. The Zahara Double varieties will make marvelous additions to annual gardens and containers. Even better, they exhibit highly dependable tolerances to leaf spot and mildew diseases, thus assuring prolonged garden longevity. Height: 12-14", 12" spread.

Photo of Zinnia Garden Collection, Miscellaneous Garden Zinnias
Zinnia Garden Collection

Zinnia Zahara Double Brilliant Mix
Zinnia Zahara Double Brilliant Mix

Photo of Zahara Double Cherry Zinnias, Zahara Zinnias
Zinnia Zahara Double Cherry

Photo of Zahara Double Cherry Zinnias, Zahara Zinnias
Zinnia Zahara Double Fire

Zinnia Zahara Double Salmon Rose
Zinnia Zahara Double Salmon Rose

Zinnia Zahara Double Yellow
Zinnia Zahara Double Yellow

Photo of Zahara Mix Zinnia
Zinnia Zahara Mix

Zinnia Zahara Red
Zinnia Zahara Red

Photo of Zahara Starlight Rose Zinnia
Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose

Zinnia Zahara Sunburst
Zinnia Zahara Sunburst


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