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Watermelon Pollinators

You will need to purchase a pollinator for use with the seedless varieties. We highly recommend that you use Side Kick or Accomplice for this purpose, as they flower early and continuously throughout the pollination period. To ensure proper pollination it is recommended that you plant one pollinator for every three seedless plants. Plant in the row with the seedless variety. Tests indicate that bees will tend to work up and down the row, rather than from one row to the next. Planting in this way will help to improve pollination, thus increasing yield potential.

Please note: The use of bees, plastic mulch and drip irrigation are highly recommended. Seedless melons grown under stress will produce hard, dark colored seeds.

Water a sterile seed starting mix and allow it to dry for 24-48 hours before seeding. The media should be at least 90º F. before seeding.After seeding, place the trays in a 90º F. germination room for 48-72 hours or until germination begins.After germination begins, move the trays to an 80º F. greenhouse and water only as needed for the first week. DO NOT OVER WATER! Once the seedlings are established, temperature and watering may be varied to achieve sturdy plants.

Watermelon Waiver Required

Untreated and Organic varieties are identified with
or . Further information on seed type is provided on each variety page.

Photo of Accomplice Watermelon, Seedless Watermelons
Watermelon Accomplice

Photo of Watermelon Side Kick, Seedless Watermelon
Watermelon Side Kick

Photo of Side Kick Watermelon Grown Using Untreated Seeds, Seedless Watermelon Pollinator
Watermelon Side Kick Untreated


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