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To submit a testimonial, or to just tell us how we're doing, e-mail us at: gardeners@harrisseeds.com. We'd love to hear from you!

"I've been growing your Pro Cut sunflowers for about 4 years. This year I put in a small plot and I must be growing a super strong variety. Yesterday I went to cut some for a friend and no clippers or small lopped would even make a dent! It's going to take a chain saw! They are very beautiful! Thanks for providing a HARDY product!" - Teri (IN)

"I was excited to find your website this winter! My Dad used to use your seed on the farm when I was a kid. We grew Sweet Corn as our signature crop in Hightstown, NJ. I am truly overjoyed with the results of your seeds. In the past I have used other seed products with mixed results. You products come with excellent planting instructions which include the soil temperature to plant the seed which turned out to be key for me! In past I got 40-50% germination but with your products I had 95-100% germination. My garden has always drawn praise from neighbors but this year I get words like awesome, beautiful and other descriptive adjectives." - Ray (NJ)

"I just want to say that I always enjoy talking with someone from Harris Seeds...I don't know anyone nicer or informed." - Lynn

"Thank you for thinking about me. I am 70 years old but have ordered from Harris for about 50 years. My mother ordered all her life from Harris also. Thank you for just being there." - Patty

"I wanted to quickly write to say how happy I am with the seeds that I bought earlier this year. I am having an incredibly high germination rate! I will be buying seeds from you in the future." - Michelle

"Your Scarlet Red tomato is the best I have ever grown. A bush variety that produces tomatoes up to 1 1/4 lbs. and keeps producing till the end of the season. They are meaty, delicious and ripen by the end of July. I have grown over 40 varieties of tomatoes and Scarlet Red will be my only choice starting next year. Plus they are very disease resistant. Thank you for such a great variety of tomato." - Ronald (PA)

"A couple of buddies and I decided to try and grow pumpkins last year and we used a few different types of seed. This year we only used Harris Seeds. It turned out incredible, our kids were thrilled. Just wanted to say thank you for your products, they're far superior." - Hurlow (PA) (pictured right)

"Just to let you know that I've been using, very successfully, Harris Seeds in my home garden since 1970 or so. I trust the viability of your seeds for two years and have most of my needs for this year from last year's purchase. Thank you for your great service and product! " - Thomas (NY)

"I wanted to quickly write to say how happy I am with the seeds that I bought earlier this year. I'm having an incredibly high germination rate! I'll be buying seeds from you in the future. " - Michelle

"Pepper Alliance is by far the best pepper for me. Though not as large as Karma, Revolution or Vanguard, it out produces them by a wide margin. I also have grown 22 other varieties and nothing can touch Alliance and that includes the highly touted Aristotle. Next year my crop will be Alliance I know I'll grow a high yield crop!" - Ronald (PA)

"I really want to re-order from Harris Seeds because of the great customer service I received last time from your Vegetable Seed Manager. After he took the time to explain why your pelleted seeds did not work in my AeroGarden I was able to figure out a way to get them to work. I decided then Harris Seeds would be my online seed company. With your help I was able to order my fall seeds plus more of the pelleted lettuces - convenience I absolutely love." - Doris

"About 35 or more years ago I ordered Moreton Hybrid Tomato. This year I again ordered the Moreton Hybrid Tomato. I've been amazed at the vigor of these plants. They are about 7' tall but of course are bending over the 4' woven wire cages almost to the ground. But they are out producing the other varieties (Mortgage Lifter and Beefsteak) by about 3 to one. I've softball size tomatoes a lot of the time! One, I weighed, and it was a pound. They are consistent in shape and flavor. I also notice that they do not take the blight as soon as the other two varieties. So to make a shorter story here, I'm very pleased with the Moreton Hybrid tomato!" - Brenda (VA)

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the seeds I received from Harris Seeds. I'm growing all of the cut flowers for my daughter's wedding in August, and ordered seeds from several different companies. The seeds from your company have far exceeded their germination expectations (283 out of 288 flowering kale seeds germinated!), and the initial order came in the mail very quickly. Thanks for a quality product and quality service." - Barbara (MI)

"I've been using your light stand, number 04442-900, the twelve tray/three tier model, for over ten years and just wanted to compliment you on a quality product. Seed starting keeps me busy during the long Midwestern winters and every spring, I enjoy the fruits of my labor. I would recommend your light stands to anyone considering buying one. Thank you!" - Kathy

"Bought one of your light stands this year. Debated the purchase for a while because of the price, but the results speak for itself. Planted 10 Scarlet Red tomatoes on March 17th and 10 more a week later. The first batch of plants are between 4-5" high with thick, healthy stalks and the second batch is around 3" high. Similar results for everything else I've started so far. Wow!" - Donald

"It's a pleasure to deal with people who are so prompt, courteous, and well-coordinated. I've been a Harris customer now, off and on, for seventy-five years." - Walter

"I just wanted to say how satisfied I was with the seeds I ordered. I ordered 100 seeds of Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry and within 2 weeks of planting them I now have 98 seedlings growing in peat pots." - John

"I just had one of the best experiences I've ever had with any Nursery or Seed Company after placing a large order with Harris Seeds. One of the items I purchased was a grow light stand, which was made and shipped by another manufacturer. Harris kept me informed through the 2 week process and provided detailed shipping information so that I could track the order. They were very helpful and informative through the process and were kind and professional when responding to my inquiries. I did quite a lot of shopping around before choosing them to place my order and they were the cheapest of anyone. The Gerbera, Petunia and Zinnia seeds I ordered have all had over a 90% germination rate so far and the electronics I purchased were top notch quality and functioned well. I cannot remember when the least expensive company also provided the best service and had the best products. Ever! They are truly a rare treasure. Thank you, Harris, for making the choice easy! I'll certainly be back again!" - Paul (TX)

"I just wanted to let you know that every single seed (of which there are always extras in the packets!) produced a plant. Also, yesterday I transplanted Petunia seedlings... 12 days from planting to pot." - John (NY)

"I have very fond memories of Harris seed packets going back to when I was a child in the Catskill Mountains on a small dairy farm, of planting seeds with my mother. I've rediscovered gardening for myself in my grown up years. It makes me happy to know that you are still in business and I hope blooming and growing!" - Linda (NH)

"Just received the row cover... wasn't expecting it before Monday. Exceptional service, good price, product looks great! Thank you for speedy shipping, will order from Harris again and recommend you to fellow gardeners." - Jackie

"Kudos to you all. Over the last ten years I've ordered from a variety of online companies and now you have become the go-to site for me. Customer service, quality and just everything about your company I love." - Rachelle W. (CO)

"I've learned the difference in quality seeds. I'm a small gardener, but I eat all of the vegetables I grow. When I purchased my seed from you, I had bigger and more of EVERYTHING. Then, I made a mistake and NOW I'm back. I ordered your catalog, and will be planting some winter veggies. In San Diego winter is nothing to worry about, just shorter days for growing. Your seeds do make a difference." - Joe M. (CA)

"I like the prompt service I received from you and will definitely be ordering from you again. Your catalog was impressive, and I think every turnip seed I planted germinated. Thank you." - Brenda C.

"I purchased some corn seed from your company earlier in the year and it's growing great! Keep up the good work." - Donald M.

"Thank you for the quality of the seed you sell, the continuation of a guaranteed germination rate, and for maintaining the availability of treated seed. I'm more than pleased that I ordered seed from Harris Seeds. You have won my loyalty as a customer. I'll be ordering seeds from Harris as long as I garden!" - Elizabeth W., NY

"I wanted to let you that these were the best seeds that I purchased in a long time. The best germination and very good yields. Thanks for such a great year." - Steven, NY

"I just had to send you a picture of my Kuroda carrots. They are nothing short of amazing. The pelleted seed were so simple to plant and no thinning! The amount of really sweet juice is fantastic! I will for sure be planting these carrots again next year. Thanks for such a great seed innovation." - Peter (NH) (pictured right)

"Thank you for the fast shipping and expeditious handling of my order. You have gained a customer." - Jim J.

"Mark Greene is the best! I have had the pleasure of corresponding with him these past 2 or 3 years! I'll tell all of my friends about Harris Seeds! I've ordered seeds and things from at least a dozen different companies. Harris Seeds is the BEST! Keep up the good work! A happy customer!" - Tom

"Your company probably already knows this but I'm blessed to have found your company. I just have a small area to grow, but wanted to thank you for everything and let the world know what a great company you are." - Sandy (TX)

"My Mother, Nancy Frost is very proud of the yield this summer from her Waltham Butternut Squash crop (pictured left). She only planted one Harris Seeds' packet, about 4 to 5 hills. Despite all the dry weather in New Hampshire this summer the squash still spread out widely and produced about 100 squash. Attached is a picture of my mother with the majority of the squash crop and some of the Baby Pam pumpkins that she planted." - Chuck F., NH

"I wanted to let you know, this is the first year we have grown corn. We just have a small garden, using most of it for canning. I purchased your Sweet Corn Mirai 308 BC F1 Insect Guard seed and just had to tell you it's the most delicious corn I've ever eaten. Every kernel was filled out to the tip of the ear... I wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you for such a wonderful product, you can bet we will grow it again next year." - Amy

"I harvested your sweet corn Revelation. Kept putting off blanching and freezing until today and it's as sweet as the day harvested. I'm very impressed and will surely buy again. Going to plant another batch this weekend. I've grown skeptical about seed claims, but you were on the money with this variety. Thanks." - Harold, CA

"I purchased some Mirai sweet corn (301 BC) from you this past spring. It was quite possibly the best I ever had." - Larry, PA

"Bliss" - Pro Cut Orange Sunflower Field, submitted by Robin Waterbury, of her daughter-in-law, Kristen. (pictured right)

"Thank you for the prompt way you handled my order. I received my order in just a matter of days. Your service is excellent. You have products that I cannot find anywhere else. Thank you." - Mary Anne

"I've been gardening for 20 years or more, and can't wait for the season to start. While I was looking at all the gardening catalogs, I came across yours. The prices were very good. A week into the planting season and all my seeds from Harris are growing above and beyond all the previous years. I don`t have to transplant my thin rows to make one row from two rows. My garden has never been this good. Very happy seed buyer." - Steven (NH)

"The greenhouse that I purchased from your company was just perfect. Good quality and very fast service." - Sue

"Harris Seeds Rock! I placed my first seed order. I scoured your magazine like a college kid prepping for finals! I got together my order of 11 different seeds. I hopped online and placed the order and it was all so easy and fun! Two nights later I woke up suddenly. I realized that I had never checked the shipping time. What if it was 6-8 weeks? I was panicked! I called the customer hotline the next morning and was instantly put at ease! Not only did she tell me that shipping is usually 24-48 hours she also really enjoyed talking about gardening! She was so super friendly and really knew both the computer and the gardening dirt! I loved talking with her. And the best part, my seeds were delivered later the very same day! Thanks Harris Seeds for taking the worry out of seed ordering! " - Cecilia (NY)

"I wanted to let you know about the wonderful Pony Express tomatoes I grew this year. They are the largest and meatiest roma type tomato I've ever seen. We made sauce with them yesterday and it was delicious and thick. After last year's blight I swore I'd only use Harris seeds again, and ordered both the Pony Express and some Morton's Hybrid. They both greatly surpassed my expectations this year. Thank you so much for wonderful products!" - Barbara (pictured left)

"This was the most hassle free order I've ever done. I love your quick order form. Your site is great!" - Bob

"I don't usually comment on seeds, but I have to tell you that I think Montauk corn is the best I've ever grown in all my 50 years of gardening. I've convinced my dad and brother that it's too. It has the best flavor. The husk covers it well so birds don't destroy it and I have not had to worry about it falling over in wind. Love it!" - Cathy

"Harris Seeds has the best selection of sweet corn varieties. I know, for I've tried many other places. I'm staying with Harris because they meet my needs. The variety selection is good and the taste is superior. This is why I grow sweet corn, the taste." - Doug

"I was very satisfied with all the seeds I ordered. I had an extra good yield. The Candy onions were big and firm and stored well, the Pony Express tomatoes were excellent tasty, firm, and good yield... the plant itself was a healthy bright green. The Cimmaron lettuce was also very good. I hope this year the seeds will be as good as last year's. A very pleased customer." - Norm (MI)

"It's nice to do business with a company that cares and goes the extra mile." - Arlene (MN)

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your great seeds & service. I've purchased seeds from your company over the years and have had great success with all seeds purchased and received my orders very quickly. Keep up the good work!" - Mike (WV)

"I started using you for the great prices, but I'm staying for the wonderful service and support... the garden and wave petunias turned out GREAT! I won't use anyone else!" - Dean

"I want to let you know that my father was purchasing seed from Harris before I was born (I'm 56). We continue to purchase 98% of our seed from you. In these difficult times what I do as a hobby and side line, one can't take a chance when it comes to the quality of seed one uses. My family and I thank you for what you are, have been, and continue to be as partners in our operation." - Charlie

"Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your Regal cucumbers. I think every seed germinated and no disease problem whatsoever. I have 19 quarts of dill pickles and am giving neighbors slicers. I'll definitely get these again. Thanks." - Charles

"In my experiences with your company I've never had anything but outstanding service and products. Your operators are very friendly and knowledgeable and the catalog is one of my favorites. I thank you for your unwavering excellence." - Matthew (NY)

"Thank you for the great service and knowledge. I'm so impressed with your company! Anyone I meet who wants to start gardening will receive your web address... my friends and clients will receive a tomato plant I started from Harris Seeds! Thanks!" - Niki (IN)

"You people have found the secret of how to survive in these hard economic times. I hadn't even heard of Harris seeds before Google and placed my first order last week. My order arrived promptly but I had some questions which customer service promptly answered. It was the personal phone call yesterday and this email that has put Harris Seeds at the head of the line. Its the next best thing to the old farmer at my small local garden shop that provides one on one service." - Ernie


The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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