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Tomatoes and Peppers for the Southern Second Season

Even as autumn brings chilly air to the northern part of the U.S., those of you in the southern reaches of the country are beginning another growing season! If you're raising second-season warm-weather crops in the field, a hoop house, a low tunnel, or a high tunnel, you will likely be sowing tomatoes and peppers in your greenhouse soon.

Harris Seeds offers a nice selection of tomatoes and peppers that are bred to perform well in the South. You'll find robust disease packages, good heat tolerance, vigorous performance, and fine eating quality in these tomatoes and peppers. Whether you're raising them for wintertime field harvest in zone 10 or extended-season high-tunnel growing in zone 8 or zone 9, these varieties offer top-shelf performance and delicious taste. They just might become your "first string" for the second season!

Many of these featured varieties are offered in untreated seed for organic growers.
See Disease Code Table below.

Top-Notch Tomatoes for Southern Growing

SecuriTY 28 F1
Early, extra-large fruits, plus Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus tolerance…

  • 70 Days.
  • Extra-large, round, dark red fruit with excellent taste.
  • Medium-sized determinate plants.
  • Adapted to Southern plantings for early to main season fall as well as main to late season spring.
  • Excellent vine ripe tomato for warm season planting areas.
  • Resistant to V(1), F(1,2), GLS and ASC.
  • Intermediate resistance to TYLC.

  • Crista F1
    Large and great tasting, with Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus tolerance…

  • 73 Days.
  • Firm, uniform-ripening, deep red, large to extra-large fruit.
  • Determinate plants that lend themselves to stake cultivation.
  • Heavy yields of fruit with excellent taste and shelf-life.
  • Resistant to F (1,2,3), V(1), RKN.
  • Intermediate resistance to TSWV.
  • Red Defender F1
    Excellent Southern performance and robust disease protection…

  • 75 Days.
  • Firm, large to extra-large fruit ripen uniformly to a beautiful deep red color.
  • Excellent taste and shelf-life.
  • Determinate plants bear heavy yields and work well with stake cultivation.
  • Resistant to F(1,2), V(1), GLS, ASC.
  • Intermediate resistance to TSWV.

  • Mountain Fresh Plus F1
    A standard for Southern growers, with Nematode tolerance…

  • 78 Days.
  • Firm, smooth, extra-large fruit with clean shoulders and excellent uniform red color.
  • Large determinate vines offer good cover.
  • Tolerant to RKN, V(1), F (1,2).

  • Patria F1
    Large plum with Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus resistance…

  • 75 Days.
  • Large, firm, jointed, uniform-ripening plum type fruit.
  • Compact determinate plants require no pruning
  • Resistant to F(1, 2), V(1), and TSWV.

  • Jiffy Pellets
    Natural peat pellets for simple seeding and transplanting…

  • Natural, peat-based growing medium held in biodegradable mesh.
  • Mesh retains strength during seeding and growing-on, then breaks down after field transplanting.
  • Roots are not disturbed during transplanting.
  • Once moistened, pellets expand in minutes.

  • Peppers that Perform in the South

    Alliance F1
    Early maturing, excellent size, and best disease protection of them all…

  • 70 Days.
  • Large to extra-large, blocky fruit with thick walls ripen green to red. Mostly four-lobed and smooth skinned.
  • Strong plants offer good fruit cover and easy harvest.
  • Tolerance to BLS (1,2,3,5), CMV, PVY and PMV.
  • Intermediate resistance to Pc.

    01671-00-01 Treated Seed
    01671-00-02 Untreated Seed

  • Declaration F1
    Early, large-fruited, and high-yielding with Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus tolerance…

  • 70 Days.
  • Large, shiny dark green, classy fruit ripen to red, are slightly elongated, and are mostly four-lobed.
  • Vigorous, erect, tall plants provide excellent leaf coverage and a continuous set.
  • Resistant to BLS(1,2,3,5).
  • Intermediate resistance to TSWV, CMV, and Pc.

    11673-00-01 Treated Seed
    11673-00-02 Untreated Seed

  • Karisma F1
    A Southern performer for growers seeking a higher fruit count per bushel…

  • 75 Days.
  • Large, smooth, glossy green fruit that have thick walls and ripen to red. Average 45-50 fruits per bushel.
  • Plants offer good leaf cover, high yields, and and extended harvest.
  • Resistant to BLS (1,2,3), PVY (0,1,1-2), TMV, PMV.
  • Intermediate resistance to Pc and CMV.

    View/Order: 11663-00-01 Treated Seed

  • Summer Sweet 8620 F1
    Beautiful green to yellow bell with a nice disease package…

  • 75 Days.
  • Attractive, smooth, deep blocky fruit with thick walls ripen from green to bright yellow.
  • Medium to large plants offer good fruit protection.
  • Tolerance to BLS (1,2,3), TMV and PVY.

    11657-00-01 Treated Seed
    11657-00-02 Untreated Seed

    Alterneria Stem Canker - ASC
    Bacterial Leaf Spot - BLS
    Cucumber Mosaic Virus - CMV
    Fusarium Wilt - F
    Gray Leaf Spot - GLS
    Pepper Mottle Virus - PMV
    Phytophthora - Pc
    Potato Virus Y - PVY
    Root Knot Nematode - RKN
    Tobacco Mosaic Virus - TMV
    Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus - TSWV
    Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl - TYLC
    Verticillium Wilt - V


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