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Growing Sweet Corn? Use Harris Sweet Corn Seeds!

Bicolor Sweet Corn

  • 46 Bicolor varieties
  • Cold soil tolerant varieties
  • Untreated varieties
  • Augmented supersweets

White Sweet Corn

  • 20 White varieties
  • Grower favorites
  • High yield potential
  • Insect Guard seed treatment

Yellow Sweet Corn

  • 15 Yellow varieties
  • Great eating quality
  • Disease resistant
  • Synergistic types

Harris carries Sweet Corn for Roadside Markets, Farmers' Markets & Local Grocery Stores! Harris sweet corn rates highest in the land!

Sweet corn is a staple food, grown across America. In recent years superior sweet corn varieties with high eating quality and disease resistance have been bred to produce corn with better flavor, improved shelf life, and increased moisture retention. Harris offers several varieties of sweet corn seed for everyone to enjoy! Choose from white sweet corn seeds, yellow sweet corn seeds, or bicolor sweet corn seeds, including sugary enhanced, supersweet augmented, and synergistic variants.

May and June are months for planting sweet corn seeds to meet the required conditions for growing. Corn seeds should be planted in a spot that receives full sun, in well-draining soil. Plant seeds approximately one inch deep, spaced about 9-12" apart in each row in soil with a temperature of about 60 degrees or above. You can check soil temperature with a soil thermometer and sunlight, soil PH, moisture, and fertility levels can be verified with an electronic soil analyzer or soil testing kit. Sweet corn requires frequent watering to produce full, healthy ears. Once the tassels appear, you should provide at least one inch of water per week. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out between waterings. If your area is experiencing particularly hot and dry weather, make sure to water more frequently.

Learn more about growing sweet corn seeds by watching our online Sweet Corn Seminar for professional growers.

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