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Calibrachoa Superbells Holy Moly
NEW! Calibrachoa Superbells® Holy Moly™

Thats Italian Basil
NEW! That’s Italian™ Basil

Pleasant View Gardens

Pleasant View maintains their focus on providing top notch plant material, service and cultural support for customers. Vegetative (plants grown from cuttings) plants available.

Multi-Liners - Multiple Proven Winners® varieties rooted together in one cell that have proven compatibility. Great for containers and baskets.

Go & Grow™ Kits - Kits designed with the small to medium grower in mind and that include specific varieties, tags, recipes, growing guides, and point-of-purchase display material. Numerous kits to choose from: 39 Hanging Basket, 10 Patio Pot, 2 Savvy Succulents®, Clematis, 3 Savor™ Herb, and the Enhanced 72 kit.

Proven Winners® - Proven Winners® varieties have been selected specifically for their vigor and performance. Cuttings are made from virus-indexed plant stock to ensure that you will receive healthy virus free plants. These popular varieties have brand recognition at retail!

Proven Selections™ - PVG’s own collection of flowering and texture plants is a perfect complement to the Proven Winners®. These annuals and perennials are selected for greenhouse, container, and garden performance, especially in the Northeast.

Quick Turn - A 32 Enhanced™ tray offers improved crop quality and fast 2-6 week finishing! Ideal for large containers.

ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs - A choice selection of colorful plants with Proven Winners performance! A strong, diverse selection of hydrangea leads this program! Buddleia, lonicera, lyceum, rhamnus, rose, sambucus, spirea, weigela complement it.

Herbs - Be sure to check out their very popular Savor™ Edibles & Fragrants program!

Pre-Finished Program - For our customers in the Northeast there is a large selection of annual pots and hanging baskets which require just a few short weeks of growing before they are ready to sell.

Early Order Discount - Orders placed before January 9, 2016 qualify for a 2% discount.

Grower Support - PVG’s Grower-On-Call is available 24/7 to help you solve any growing or cultural questions: VeronicaL@pwpvg.com or 603-556-2848.

Pleasant View Gardens

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The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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