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Plug Connection


Mighty Mato Costoluto Genovese Grafted Tomato
NEW! Grafted Tomato Potato Ketchup ‘n Fries™

Established in 1987, Plug Connection was the West Coast’s first ornamental young plant specialist. Today they are one of the largest young plant producers in the country. Both seed grown plug and cutting-grown liner (vegetative) varieties are available.

Multi-Liners - Kwik Kombos™, Trixi® - multiple varieties rooted in one cell. Great for baskets and containers.

Annuals - A full range of annuals including bacopa, calibrachoa, geranium, SunPatiens®, lantana, lobelia, petunia, verbena, tropicals, and much more.


Organic Vegetables and Herbs - A broad selection of certified organic vegetables and herbs

Grafted Vegetables - Known across the country for their extensive selection of grafted tomatoes. Grafted eggplant, peppers, cool season vegetables and more. (Mighty Veggies®)

Succulents - One the most extensive selections in the country. Single varieties and assortments!

All-Inclusive Pricing - Pricing includes delivery charges - no additional freight!

Grower Support - For growing and cultural advice, please contact Plug Connection at 760-631-0992. With immediate attention, the PC team may be able to recommend a solution.

Plug Connection

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The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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