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Plug & Liner Special Programs

Throughout the year Harris Seeds offers many specialty plug & liner programs. Check back often, as seasonal programs are change throughout the year.

Harris Seeds Pre-Finished Programs - NEW
If you are short on production time or space, pre-finished plants may be just the option for you! Our growers’ pre-finished plant material programs are perfect for late starts, rapid turns, and for growers with limited labor resources. Material is already planted out when it arrives, and is ready for you to grow on to finish —no need to stock or purchase containers, trays, and tags. Material ships via grower truck or you may schedule a pick up at the grower location. Plants require a few short weeks of growing on before they are ready to sell. This program will be available again in Fall 2015.
Contact our Plug Department (800-544-7938 x7002) for details.

Our pre-finished program offers you a number of varieties in multiple size options with two different growers, Pleasant View and Barone.
Resources:    Size Options by Supplier       Barone Pre-Finished Program       Pleasant View Pre-Finished Program

Poinsettia Liners from Raker
• Choose from over 100 varieties from the world's top Poinsettia breeding companies: Ecke, Selecta, and Syngenta.
• Find a wide selection of color choices, along with exotic and novelty varieties.
• Raker's Poinsettias come in 25 cell strip trays, allowing you to grow a large selection of different colors or try out some varieties that are new to you. The 25 strip tray is a standard 36 strip tray with 11 cells in the middle row empty. This allows airflow among the foliage and promotes lateral branching during propagation.
• Low minimums allow growers who are new to Poinsettia production to get started economically.
• Take advantage of volume and Early Order Discounts (EOD), particularly our special Harris 4-15 tray 4% discount!
Available early 2015.

Grow Using Suntory® Products
Suntory helped kick off the movement of breeding vegetative ornamentals years ago by offering now familiar varieties like Petunia Surfinia® and Calibrachoa Million Bells®, and they are still going strong. Their corporate philosophy is to provide products and services that generate personal happiness, so their breeding program is a perfect fit! Targeting earliness with fantastic outdoor performance is a Suntory hallmark.
Resources:   Suntory Collection Website

Sales Success with SunPatiens and SuperCal's!
Grow your way to sales success with two annual series that are gaining in popularity each year. SunPatiens, a sun-loving New Guinea Impatiens series, love to perform, especially in full sun! The remarkably versatile plants perform powerfully in a wide range of conditions: full sun, partial shade, rain, and fog. Their robust root system establishes itself more quickly and deeply, giving SunPatiens varieties a resilience that other New Guinea's lack. Petchoa SuperCal's are gaining market momentum as growers and gardeners alike witness their high impact performance over a myriad of climatic conditions. SuperCal's combine the best traits of Petunia and Calibrachoa, bringing the consumer clean, fully floriferous plants in an attractive range of colors.
Resources:    SuperCal Sell Sheet       SunPatiens Sell Sheet       Ornamentals Blog

Fall Liners (Mums & Asters) from Raker
• Find the “Best of the Best” in today’s breeding, including top notch Syngenta®, GroLink®, and Dummen varieties.
• Available as either pinched or un-pinched liners! Pinched liners reduce your labor and take off quickly!
• Stellar bud count, color, habit and vigor means superior performance for growers, retailers, and gardeners.
• Easy-to-grow multi-liners (Mumbos) available!
• GroLink Belgian Mums® produce many flowers on ball-shaped plants, are extremely durable and easy to ship.
• GroLink High Flyers™ offer a diversity of flower types, colors and bloom times.
• Mystic Mums from Dummen are bred for large decorative flowers, a flexible mounding habit, along with standard and unique colors.
• Asters make an excellent companion crop for garden mums, with similar production times and natural bloom seasons
Available early 2015.

Fall Liners (Mums & Asters) from Barone Gardens
Barone Gardens is a rapidly rising young plant producer located in central New York State that specializes in genetics from world renowned plant breeders such as Suntory and Syngenta. Their rooted liners are predominately distributed in the northeast, but are steadily spreading throughout the country.

• Find the best varieties in our current market, including top notch Syngenta® and GroLink® varieties.
• Available as pinched liners. Pinched liners reduce your labor and take off quickly!
• Flexible, durable varieties are less prone to breakage.
• GroLink Belgian Mums® produce many flowers on ball-shaped plants, are extremely durable and easy to ship.
• GroLink High Flyers™ diverse types, colors, bloom times.
• Asters make an excellent companion crop for garden mums, with similar production times and natural bloom seasons.
Available early 2015.


The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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