Grape Concord Seedless

Grape Concord Seedless

Size Quantity Price Each
Plant / Bare Root (For Gardeners) / 3 Count 1 $20.95
Plant / Bare Root (For Gardeners) / 3 Count 2 or more $17.95

Concord Seedless is the old favorite American blue-black grape that has been around for generations, but without those pesky seeds. Though similar in flavor and texture to Concord, it is unrelated. The clusters and berries are much smaller. The grape matures earlier, is very flavorful, and makes excellent pies and preserves. Concord seedless grapes are among the easiest to grow for a home gardener, and makes an excellent table grape. Space plants 8-10' apart. Self-pollinating. Midseason harvest: early-September. Hardiness zones 5-8.

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