Lettuce seeds are easy and quick to grow. Find a large selection of lettuce seed types including green leaf lettuce seeds, head lettuce, red leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, and baby lettuce mixes from Harris Seeds.

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Pelleted lettuce seed saves time and money

Raw lettuce seed has a difficult shape to precision plant without frustrations and expense due to plantings being too thick or too thin. Pelleted seed can help you avoid these problems. The round/elliptical pellets are firm, smoother and larger than the raw seed. They are much easier to precision plant with most planting equipment in a singulated spacing as you desire. The inert, white pelleting material makes them flow smoothly, easier to see and has no adverse effect on the seed or soil. Just plant them shallow, in the spacing you want and keep them moist. They'll save you thinning time, money and aggravation! Average buildup will fluctuate with raw seed size and density of coating material.

Average Seed Count:

Raw Seed: 1,500 per packet; 25,500-41,500/oz.

Pelleted Seed: 225 per packet; 800-2,100/oz.

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