Worm Power Organic Fertilizer 3lb.

Worm Power Organic Fertilizer 3lb.

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Worm Power Organic Plant Food is an organic fertilizer produced by millions of earthworms. Through the activity of its diverse microbiological community, Worm Power increases soil fertility and improves plant vigor, root growth, and nutrient availability. It's an excellent, all-natural way to liven up sterile potting soils and to revitalize tired and depleted soils. As nature's original fertilizer, Worm Power helps plants thrive, even in demanding conditions.

Worm Power is excellent as an addition to potting mixes, for fertilizing transplants, and for top dressing beds, rows, or container plants. It works naturally and effectively on conventional and organic vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees, grape vines, container plants, and turf. Worm Power is easy to handle and spread, and its process-controlled production ensures consistent physical, chemical, and biological properties in every batch. Worm Power delivers a guaranteed NPK analysis of 1.5-0.7-1.5, plus abundant micronutrients and a robust community of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Worm Power is OMRI listed for organic production, university tested, and safe for use around kids and pets.

For heavy feeding vegetables, a 3 lb. package fertilizes about 48 transplants and makes approximately 9 Gallons seed starting mix or 4-1/2 gallons potting mix. For flowers and light feeding vegetables, a 3 lb. package fertilizes about 96 transplants and makes approximately 18 gallons seed starting mix or 9 Gallons potting mix.

Small-scale professional growers find enough Worm Power here to trial in the greenhouse or field. This package size is also an excellent value for home gardeners, making it a popular item for resale.Contact us if you are interested in carrying Worm Power Organic Plant Food in your garden center or farm store. For Wholesale/Case pricing, call (800) 544-7938.