Squash Galeaux d'Eysines Seed Seeds

Squash Galeaux d'Eysines Seed

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Quantity Discounts
Size Quantity Price Each
Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 1 to 4 $96.79
Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 5 or more $85.17
Seed / Untreated / 1 Pound 1 to 4 $96.79
Seed / Untreated / 1 Pound 5 or more $85.17

Peanut pumpkin. This winter squash is a hit for fall sales. The pink rind of this unique squash is covered with beige peanut-like bumps, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. It’s a great item for fall decoration and also for use in baking and soups. The oblate-flattened shaped fruit has a sweet, moist, orange flesh and are produced on full-size vines.

Average Weight: 16-18 pounds
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