Harris Seeds' Four Star Program

Four Star’s reputation as an industry leader continues to grow with their high quality products in the Proven Winners® program. Vegetative (plant grown from cuttings) plants available.

Proven Winners®
With Proven Winners®, you get the time tested beauty and retail performance of one of the most successful plant brands in the industry. Proven Winners® are carefully chosen through a rigorous 2 - 3 year selection process at facilities in North
America, plus trial locations around the world.

Why order from Four Star?
• First rate offering of bundled combos
• Wide variety of tray sizes to meet your needs, including Supernova’s!
• SuperSaver™ ship weeks save you money on freight!
• Save 3% by ordering by October 15, 2017 November 1, 2017
• Grower guidance and cultural info is readily available
• Proven Winner® branded support

Featured Products

Bundled Combos
Create hanging baskets and containers in a breeze with Four Star’s Bundled Combos. There’s no calculation required to order. Each kit provides you with 3x – 84 trays, one of each component in the kit, allowing you to make 42 containers with combo specific tags.

ColorChoice® Shrubs

Four Star offers an amazing line up of Proven Winners® shrubs including hydrangea, hibiscus, buddleia and more. These shrubs have been selected for their gorgeous bloom when in flower. Plants also flower longer, have stunning foliage when not in bloom and contain interesting texture and forms. Sell these in 1-2 gallon containers with ease for spring sales!

Streamliners™ (Multi-liners)
Proven Winners® Annual and Perennial liners
Proven Selections™ Annual and Perennial liners
Graceful Grasses®
ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs


Featured Sizes

Supernova® Liners
Supernova’s offer great benefits with most of the work already done before you receive the
plants. These trays are treated to flower at the same time and arrive to you bud initiated,
resulting in shorter crop times, consistent and quicker flowering, less pinching and PGR’s
needed, and increased branching for fuller plants.

Quick Turn ColorChoice® Shrubs
Four Star offers quart sized shrubs shipped 8 quarts in a tray. With the opportunity for first
season sales, these can be sold right alongside your annuals.

Grower Support - For growing and cultural advice, contact their grower experts via the Four Star Greenhouses website.

Four Star
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