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Harris Seeds’ dedicated staff loves the work we do and we’re committed to serving the agricultural industry. Our team includes experienced growers whose invaluable knowledge and expertise help us identify the best products and practices so we can better serve you. You’ll find a snapshot of our grower employees below, including a brief look at their operation, the markets they serve, and the passion that drives them to serve the agricultural community.


Lynn Fish - Fish’s Farm Market

Fish’s Farm Market is a five generation farm with deep roots in their community of Shortsville, New York. Through the years the farm has seen many changes as the marketplace has changed. Like most other growers, they have found that diversification is essential to stay competitive in this business. In addition to flowers and bedding plants at their greenhouses, they still grow more than 20 different vegetable crops (nearly 100 varieties) ranging from asparagus and artichokes to zucchini. At one time they were farming 200 acres of assorted vegetables, strawberries and rye. Since joining Harris Seeds their operation has been reduced to about 100 acres to make it more manageable, with major crops of sweet corn, pumpkins, squash (summer and winter), strawberries, tomatoes, Cole crops, and peppers. A host of minor crops fill in the remainder of their offering.

Like most growers, the Fish family looks for varieties that perform well on their farm, knowledge of the product, and exemplary customer service. Lynn points out “Most people do not know that Harris Seeds employs several actual growers on their staff. What better way to keep up with what growers want than to have them on your staff - growers who are actually growing and testing the products on their own farms!" He adds, “My family has been a customer of Harris Seeds for several generations. Harris has always had a knowledgeable staff with a great understanding of growers’ wants and needs. That includes excellent new varieties, cultural tips, supporting products like produce bags, harvest bags, heat mats, and more. They also support growers with helpful financing. With their grower terms and discounts, Harris leads the pack when it comes to being a ‘Grower Friendly’ company and to the success of anyone's business.”

Over the years Fish’s Farm Market has offered many products that have helped to set them apart from their competition. They continue to offer new innovative products, the most recent example being Mashed Potato winter squash. A brand new product for the 2016 season at their market, it out sold all other squash two or three to one!  Lynn noted, “Offering a healthy, low carb squash that tastes like potato gave us something unique to offer our customers, and they loved it!  Harris even offers point of sale signs to help market this particular item. Just another way Harris Seeds has helped us succeed in a very competitive marketplace.”

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