Harris Seeds News

September 6, 2017
Harris Seeds is a host of the
All-America Selections / National Garden Bureau Annual Summer Summit.
The AAS/NGB is an annual gathering for members, judges, breeders, brokers, growers, display gardens, retailers, media, garden writers and anyone who would like to attend to learn more about All-America Selections, meet the NGB members and see the impressive trials planted for this event. This year's Summit is a 3.25 day fun-packed educational event and attendees will be visiting several locations around Rochester, NY, including Harris Seeds' facility and trial grounds. Visitors will tour Harris Seeds' flower and vegetable trials, including their All-America Selections trial beds, container trials, home garden display beds, high tunnel and more. The indoor tour will include Harris' germination lab where seed is tested, the seed packaging department and dry room, and the fulfillment area. The visit to Harris Seeds wraps up with a delicious lunch featuring AAS vegetables winners!

September 5, 2017
The 2017-2018 Ornamental Growers' Plug & Liner Catalog is published.
The catalog features an extensive selection of annual, perennial, foliage, vegetable and herb plugs and liners for commercial growers looking to save time, labor and production costs in the greenhouse. Customers will find thousands of quality plants and the latest introductions from the world’s top flower breeders - C. Raker & Sons, Four Star Greenhouses, Mast Young Plants, Pleasant View Gardens, Gro ’n Sell, Plug Connection, and Barone Gardens. Highlights from the catalog include market leading Proven Winners®, multi-liners and combo kits for tested and proven combinations, sun-loving SunPatiens®, bold geraniums, and hundreds of show stopping petunias. Growers will also find vegetables and herbs, captivating succulents, tropical plants, foliage for color and texture, and much, much more.

August 18, 2017
Harris Seeds expands its offering of garlic, including new organic garlic.
Enjoy new hardneck and softneck types!  Distinctively delicious choices include Rocambole, Purple Stripe and Porcelain types. New certified organic garlic is also now available at one of the best prices in the country! Choose from 3 outstanding organic varieties -  German White, German Red, and Chesnok Red. Located just a few miles away from Harris Seeds, our grower has been producing certified organic garlic for over 15 years. It has been vigorously tested to make sure that you are receiving a high quality product. 

August 3, 2017
The 2017-2018 Ornamental Growers' Seed & Plant Catalog is published.
This catalog features bedding and cut flower seed varieties, plants, growing supplies and accessories, and a selection of top selling edibles for garden center sales. Draw customers in by offering the newest varieties in the industry along with top selling staples consumers look for year after year. 

April 1, 2017
The Harris Seeds team attends the annual spring trials in California.
The California Spring Trials is an annual weeklong event and is a launching ground for some of the newest plant varieties, signage and packaging products, and merchandising programs and concepts. In addition, many locations include PGR experiments, outdoor trialing, and technical information.  This event allows companies like Harris Seeds to make final decisions about new products to add for both professional greenhouse growers and home gardeners.

February 9, 2017
www.gardentrends.com is launched. 
GardenTrends is the home garden brand of Harris Seeds and its brand new website at www.gardentrends.com has a fresh, modern look and feel to serve the home garden marketplace. GardenTrends offers the same professional quality seeds and supplies that farmers rely on, in affordable, appropriate quantities for gardeners. Whether you're looking for classic varieties of vegetables and flowers sold at grocery stores, novelty varieties you can only find at the roadside stand or public market, or innovative tools to help your garden grow, look to gardentrends.com for all your gardening needs. GardenTrends can help you prepare fresh, home grown dishes or create a container patio oasis. We are dedicated to your gardening success and we not only have a knowledgeable staff available, but satisfaction is guaranteed! 

January 23, 2017
Harris Seeds' newly redesigned website at www.harrisseeds.com is launched.
The new www.harrisseeds.com features stunning visuals and a responsive design. It is dynamic and innovative, and full of the products and information that will allow our grower customers to be successful in their businesses.

January 23, 2017
Harris Seeds' new logo is unveiled.
The introduction of the new logo coincides with a revitalization of the Harris Seeds brand with a focus on meeting the needs of growers. The new logo reflects both the company’s longstanding legacy, and our commitment to present and future generations of growers and farmers.

January 4, 2017
GardenTrends, Harris Seeds' home garden brand is launched.
Harris Seeds has created an exciting new marketplace just for gardeners! Since 1879, Harris Seeds has supplied the finest quality seed, plants and supplies to both growers and gardeners across the country. GardenTrends will now support this ongoing legacy, providing a more specific focus on home gardeners' needs, with an eye towards meeting them in the modern marketplace. We are still the same group of experienced people gardeners have come to rely on, people who are dedicated more than ever to help grow their garden!