Special Plug and Liner Programs

Throughout the year Harris Seeds offers many specialty plug and liner programs. Check back often, as seasonal programs are added throughout the year.

Fall Garden Mum and Aster Liners - Grown by Raker-Roberta's for Harris Seeds
Varieties from the world’s top breeding companies: Syngenta (Yoder) breeding brings high standards for performance and reliability, including the popular Igloo series of hardy mums! Gediflora Belgian Mums® produce many flowers on ball-shaped plants, are extremely durable, and ship easily. Vitamum™ from Dummen are bred for large bold flowers, extended color retention, and offer disease resistance.
Multi-liner combos (Mumbos): 3 cuttings per cell. Multi-liners allow you to easily plant and grow 3 varieties together for a nice blended finished product.
Liner Sizes: Garden Mums sold as 51 Strip Trays pinched and unpinched; and 160 Tray unpinched. Asters sold as 51 Strip Trays unpinched; and 160 Tray unpinched. Igloo series sold as 36 Strip Tray unpinched. Mumbos sold as 36 Strip Tray unpinched
Take advantage of Early Order Discounts (EOD)! Orders placed by March 15, 2021 are eligible for an 11% discount (10% Raker Roberta’s plus 1% Harris Seeds exclusive EOD). Volume discounts may also apply.

2021 Raker-Roberta's Mum and Aster Order Pricelist            
2021 Raker-Roberta's Mum and Aster Digital Catalog      

Poinsettia Liners from Raker-Roberta's  

• Choose from over 100 varieties from the world's top Poinsettia breeding companies: Dummen Orange, Selecta, and Syngenta.
• Find a wide selection of color choices, along with exotic and novelty varieties.
• Raker's Poinsettias are supplied as 25 cell strip trays, allowing you to grow a large selection of different colors or try out some varieties that are new to you. The 25 strip tray is a standard 36 strip tray with 11 cells in the middle row empty. This allows airflow and promotes lateral branching during propagation.
• Low minimums allow growers new to Poinsettia production to get started economically.
• Take advantage of volume and early order discounts (EOD), particularly our special Harris 6-15 tray 4% discount!
• Enjoy our 90 days terms program for plug and liner orders! Download a credit application.

2020 Raker Poinsettia Order Form

To Order: Fill out the digital order forms and e-mail, FAX 877-892-9197 or mail the completed pages to us, along with your billing information OR call us at 800-544-7938 with your order.