Tomato Beefsteak Organic Seed Seeds

Tomato Beefsteak Organic Seed

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A household name since the 1890s and especially popular in the Northeastern US. Beefsteaks are known for large, 2 lb. fruit, and distinct heirloom flavor. Great all-purpose variety for slicing, cooking, using in salads, canning and fresh eating.

Beefsteak Tomato Seeds for Sale

Harris Seeds carries the market's finest beefsteak tomato seeds. Red beefsteak tomatoes are ideal to use as a base for fresh dips and sauces. Meaty, large and chock-full of juice, beefsteak tomatoes' mild flavor makes them a welcome complement to any dish.

Our tomato seeds produce thick, lush, indeterminate beefsteak tomatoes that yield bright-red, sweet and delicious tomatoes from vigorous vines.

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Beefsteaks are sought-after for their meaty flesh and excellent taste. Our staff is committed to serving the agricultural industry and using invaluable knowledge to serve you better. Order your seeds today!
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