Sunflower Mammoth Seed Seeds
Sunflower Mammoth Seed
Sunflower Mammoth Seed
Sunflower Mammoth Seed

Sunflower Mammoth Seed

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These plants are 8' and more in height when well grown and make an effective screen or background. The impressive flower heads have brown centers surrounded by yellow petals and are often 12" across. When dry, the seed heads can be cut and sold as is for wild bird food. Or spread them out under cover until seeds loosen and shatter out of the head, then package them as snack food and for baking.

Color: Brown centers surrounded by yellow petals

Growing Tips

To ensure your Mammoth Sunflower seeds grow to be tall plants, remove weeds with the help of a natural mulch. Using mulch also helps retain soil moisture and heat. Use shredded leaves as an organic mulch for your Giant Mammoth Sunflower seeds to improve soil quality. Always keep mulch away from the flowers' stems to prevent possible deterioration.

To harvest your Mammoth Sunflower seeds for sale or eating, cut the head off after the stalk dries but before fall or winter rain arrives. The flower is ready for harvest when the florets in the center wilt and the back of the flower head is turning yellow or starting to droop.
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