Alyssum Wonderland White Seed Seeds

Alyssum Wonderland White Seed

Seed / Untreated / 1,000 Seeds - ON SALE - SAVE 5 %
Seed / Untreated / 5,000 Seeds - ON SALE - SAVE 10 %
Seed / Multi-Pelleted / 250 Seeds - ON SALE - SAVE 10 %
This series produces dwarf plants with a vigorous spread. All are well-matched for plant height and bloom timing.

Color: Pure white

Important Germination Note: This variety is offered in multi-pelleted seed. Germination issues are common when moisture levels are not properly maintained. Water management for multi-pelleted seed is similar to that of a clay pellet. Simply water-in these pellets and follow the recommended crop culture for the variety or mix. The water-soluble wax of these pellets takes longer to completely dissolve even when fully submerged in water. Do not attempt to dissolve the pellet within a single watering. Instead, maintain a moisture level of four to five (medium wet to saturated) from sowing until the pellet is fully dissolved. Maintain high relative humidity in the germination environment along with adequate soil moisture, exposing the seed to proper germination conditions. The use of plastic domes or regular misting is helpful in keeping the adequate moisture until the seed germinates. Once the sowing stage begins, if the pellets dry out, they become hard to dissolve. This is why we highly recommend high moisture content right from the beginning.
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