Floating Row Cover Point Bonded 1.25 oz.  6' x 250'

Floating Row Cover Point Bonded 1.25 oz. 6' x 250'

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This medium-heavy weight floating row cover protects plants against frost, wind and insects. The versatile fabric of this row cover gives the grower extra strength and heat retention, while allowing about 65% light transmission. It is capable of raising minimum temperatures as much as 7°F. The fibers of this type of non-woven row cover are bonded at tiny points, producing a strong, yet reasonably priced crop protection material. These non-woven, porous row covers are ideal for crop protection against insect infestations, wind, emergency frosts/ freezes, and overwintering. Row covers help encourage extra earliness for the spring season and allow extension of the growing season into the fall, when prices are likely to be higher. They work by establishing a precise microclimate under the cover. Air, water and light easily penetrate this material. It can be used without support hoops, and the edges should be held in place with soil.
Weight: 1.25 oz./square yd.; Size: 6' x 250'