Pumpkin Jarrahdale Seed Seeds

Pumpkin Jarrahdale Seed

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Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 1 to 4 $73.46
Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 5 or more $60.97
Seed / Untreated / 1/4 Pound 1 to 3 $28.42
Seed / Untreated / 1/4 Pound 20 or more $15.24
Seed / Untreated / 1/4 Pound 4 to 19 $18.36

Jarradale pumpkins are heirloom vegetables, making them the perfect addition to your roadside produce stand or farmers market. They're simple to grow for both beginner and experienced gardeners alike. Jarrahdale pumpkin seeds just need fertile, well-draining soil, sunshine and one hundred days to grow into a robust, tasty winter squash.

Jarrahdale is actually a good quality winter squash, though it also makes an interesting fall ornamental. Its decorative fruit is a slate-gray color with heavy, rounded ribs. It weighs 6-10 lbs mature. As a squash, it is the favorite of Australians because of its thick, sweet, orange flesh of good quality. Jarrahdale is an excellent storage squash and adds interest and color to fall displays. Florists and decorators love these bluish-grey pumpkins because they add dimension and color to harvest arrangements. Its squat, chunky shape pairs well with various pumpkin varieties.

Jarrahdale pumpkins are also delicious, have an excellent texture and keep easily. They are larger than the average Butternut Squash, so buyers can produce more of their favorite squash and pumpkin-flavored treats for less.

Average Weight: 6-10 pounds
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